Tuesday, July 31, 2012


When I was a young fella, the thrill of hacking a program was second to none.

We would scour through the code, amending and deleting the copy protection. Than we would insert a little graphic that would flash up indicating that the game was cracked by us. Than we would copy the game on 5 1/4 inch floppies for our network of friends. No uploading or downloading, the network was called Canada Post!

Nerdy yes. Fun, absolutely! Unlike my buddies, I did not peruse a career in programing or computers but a story on Geeks Are Sexy today has me yearning for those days.

 Walter Heck is offering a new project entitled Come Hack With Us which sounds a lot like Survivor meets Hackers. 12 programmers will hang-out together on a mystery tropical island for two months. Finding an isolated tropical Island with reliable power and internet must have been a challenge! The precise location isn’t confirmed yet.

According to a story on the BBC, the chosen will  have to sell themselves via a project to work on in collaboration with the others. They will also have to pass a psychological assessment to make sure the applicants can spend two months working in a small group.

It sounds like paradise to me!

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