Friday, July 27, 2012


Bruce Carson, the former adviser to Prime Ministers Mulroney and Harper has been charged with influence peddling.

He is charged with one count of fraud on the government, also known as influence peddling, contrary to the Criminal Code.

The RCMP investigation began in March 2011 when the national police force received a referral from the Prime Minister’s Office.

The Prime Minister’s Office asked the RCMP to investigate Carson amid allegations he illegally lobbied the federal government on behalf of a company that employed his girlfriend, a former prostitute that he used to bring to the Prime Minister's residence in Ottawa for dinners.

Barbara Lynn Khan, who was deported from the United States for running an escort agency, speaks fondly of the event an her impressions of the Prime Minister and his wife

Of course, the real issue here is Stephen Harper. Is it possible that despite some of the strictest security checks in the country, that he really did not know that his drinking buddy, and top adviser, had such a checkered past.

How did this winner ever get hired as a senior adviser? 


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