Friday, June 15, 2012


Virginia Park Elementary held it's annual pancake community breakfast this morning. Over 400 people from the community - including parents and children were served breakfast by our volunteers and teachers.

Despite a week of supporting the efforts of the filibusterer in the House of Assembly, we were pleased that our local MHA, Lorraine Micheal's office was flipping pancakes, cutting up fruit and serving up breakfast.

The area has a great sense of community!

I was proud to over hear more than one visitor comment that the school was clean and despite the deteriorating look of the place from the outside, you could feel the sense of community inside.

 I certainly am proud of the work that our council and the administrators have done to raise funds for literacy, musical instruments, computer infrastructure, field trips and sports activities.

Schools are more than just brick and mortar (or in our case 40 year old aluminum portables). Our school is the heart of a thriving community.

Of course, the big question, that gets asked by everyone, "Peter, boy, are we getting a new school" remains in limbo. It is certainly not a result of inaction on the part of the school council. The process has been long and winding.

I had hoped to be chair when the new school opened but after five years of leading the council and another three as a member, the time has come to let someone else step-up. This will be my final year as chair. 

Juggling other leadership roles in the community, including membership on another school council and sitting on the executive of the Federation of School Councils has meant re-jigging my volunteer commitments a little. 

I hope that the three site selection/investigations that are taking place over the summer provide the green light for a final site selection that provides the children with the facility they and the faculty deserve. 

The parents, community volunteers, the Knights of Columbus, St. Mark's Church and Rotary have given of their time, talent and treasure to ensure our children a to to school in a stimulating, nurturing   environment that enables children to realize their full personal and academic growth. 

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