Thursday, June 21, 2012


Three boys and a bunch of friends makes keeping juice, milk and snacks in the house a challenge.At the best of times it’s a challenge keeping a well-stocked snack cabinet full of healthy food, and sometimes they find it rather bare.

We like to also  nuts, raisins,  tortilla chips, bear paws, berries, yogurts and lots of fresh fruit around. It helps their metabolism. The speed bump, they are ravenous and can empty the fridge and snack cabinet quicker than a horde of locusts can chew through a farmer field!

They are also hoarders. Liam and Conor in particular. They will hide snacks in their sock drawers or behind the bed for an emergency! You would swear we starved the little gluttons!

I was reminded of my busy little eaters this morning when I heard a story on radio about the Reese's peanut butter cup bandit.

Police in northern Ohio are trying to identify a thief who has stolen hundreds of dollars in peanut butter cups   from a gas station store. He wanderers in late at night, snatches a few  snacks and makes off like the bandit. Workers say the candy stolen over the past few months was worth about $600.Police believe he has hit a number of stores.

What do you keep around your home in the summer for the hungry, out-of-school kids who traipse through your kitchen to keep them form knocking over gas stations treats?

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