Wednesday, June 6, 2012


Metrobus has been on a charm offensive promoting free wireless, offering air mile points (doubling them on weekend nights ) and the benefits of (riding the bus.

Unfortunately, it appears that one of their bus drivers might have missed the memo. A teen-aged mother claims she was forced to walk four kilometers from Booth Memorial High School to the top of Shea Heights because she did not have the fare for her two-year old!

Now, one might think the driver was being a little stingy, for the sake of $1.75, perhaps he could have looked the other way. Offered the teen mom a bit of a break. The rules are the rules apparently.  After all would you risk your cushy job to help a bratty teenage mom?

The problem though is that kids under three ride for free. It is right there in black and white on the Metrobus website.

Contacted by CBC News, officials at Metrobus said they are looking into the incident.

I can't wait for the clarification. Surely, Metrobus would not throw a mother and a child off a bus for the sake of $1.75? Can you say...damage control!

The St. Johns Transportation Commission, operating as Metrobus Transit, has been providing public transit services in St. Johns, NL, since 1958. Metrobus Transit operates 19 fixed-‐transit routes and services more than three million rides annually, well 2,999,999 in 2012!

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