Thursday, June 21, 2012


Former Radio Queen turned Executive Director of the Council of Independent Community Pharmacy Owners is rightfully upset with false and "slanderous" comments that were made about her on VOCM Open Line yesterday morning.

I have to tell you, I don't always see eye to eye with Sue, but I respect her tireless dedication to public policy in the province. She is an agent of change that would give the Duracell bunny a run for longevity. She is so well known that like "Danny" & "Joey" all you need do is utter her first name and people know who your are talking about.

Bob who is a regular caller on Open Line Shows took Sue to task yesterday, and in doing so crossed a line that the producers and owners of VOCM need to reflect on. 'Bob" made some potentially slanderous comments about Sue receiving "rewards" for past political work for former Premier Roger Grimes. The claims were not only unfounded they were wrong.

Listeners who heard the exchange may not hear an apology or hear sue refute the allegation that she had been  given "a pharmacy, probably for her loyalty, I think." The station has a great responsibility. In this province the talk shows are the source of many people's political news. If callers are permitted, as this guy was, to make disparaging comments and out right lies about other people, a line is crossed.

Offering the person offended an opportunity to refute out right lies is simply not good enough. Bob should be told he needs to call and set the record straight. They should also reconsider the delay system which is obviously not working or the operator did not see any harm in allowing Sue to be slandered. VOCM should have the decency to broadcast announcements over the next few days apologizing to Sue.

Like I said, they have an enormous reach in this province. With that comes a responsibility to provide balance and not allow their transmissions to be hi-jacked by individuals intent on slandering others.


Wm. Murphy said...

You have got to be kidding.....maybe she can stop the unfounded, paranoid dellusional and bullshit that appears on her blog.

"tireless dedication"...she is a piece of work!!

Peter L. Whittle said...

Frankly I do not read her blog and I agree with some of the unfounded stuff she gets on with but I can not deny she is tirelessly dedicated to her causes.

No matter what, VOCM should not have allowed someone to say what they did .

Mark said...

WM - The occasional appearance by a hothead "spewing unfounded, paranoid dellusional (sic)... bullshit" is certainly nothing new at VOCM:

Anonymous said...

"They should also reconsider the delay system which is obviously not working or the operator did not see any harm in allowing Sue to be slandered."

Peter, could this also fit the definition of slandering? Are you indicating that the "operator" willfully allowed Sue to be slandered?

Peter L. Whittle said...

I don't know. I just think that as a rule the hosts always caution individuals about using other peoples names and about slander. Perhaps Sue has been so engage din public life that she is treated no different than other public personalities.

I know that she censors comments on her blog that disagree with her, I know that she has alluded to some wrong doings of others that I have challenged on my blog and on hers (of course she published none of it)

So a part of me thinks what is good for the goose is good for the gander...but VOCM needs to enforce the rules consistently, or they will end up being sued as a result of lettign someone make unfounded accusations that hurt anothers reputation

David McManus said...

Roger Grimes actually (and rightfully) assailed her when he was Minister and then hired her years later as Premier: a day of infamy when many Liberal insiders marked their calendars on that date "It's Over".

You are correct that "Bob" did get his facts wrong.

I disagree with any assessment that suggests she is capable.

Further research of the Telegram's archives (not online) reveal information about HydroQueen's financial history with ACOA.

Bovine Scattogy baffles brains sometimes

Peter L. Whittle said...


No argument from me. Sue questions a lot of people about "accountability" but she has her own issues.

That said, Bob was wrong, VOCM, in my opinion was wrong to allow Bob to continue.

Anonymous said...

Agree one hundred percent with the comments of Mr Murphy re Sue.

Anonymous said...

Sue is right up there with the 'Truthers' when considering her zeal for the unconventional and dare I say it....tin hat conspiricies.