Tuesday, June 26, 2012


Schools Out!

After a weekend of playing peacemaker (well Kris did most of it as I worked Saturday and Sunday) I am ready to send the boys to boot camp!

The bikes are all repaired, the chains oiled, the brakes checked and tires repaired. The basketballs, soccer balls and rugby balls are inflated. The lecture about video games and Lego being rainy day activities has been delivered.

The flower arrangements on the front steps and deck are no longer hanging, the pots knocked over or broken. We have heard the term bored about 20 times past my tolerance level. I assume this is a generic complaint at this time of the year!

When I was a kid we made our own fun. Life was a big adventure. We built forts, rode our bikes, swam, hiked, fished, played street hockey and only went home for meals and to sleep!

This week structure sets in again. Soccer and tennis all start this week!

Last evening, soccer started again. Fog, a chilly wind and this dummy worse shorts! 

I think I was warmer watching hockey at the Twin Rinks in April than watching Aidan's first game of the year at Bishop's Field. Aidan is one of the youngest kids in his division. He looks a bit like a Hobbit compared to the bigger 13 and 14 year olds. That said, he plays with lots of grit. "The bigger they are, the harder the fall, dad!", he reminds me. His team came up short, loosing the first game 2-0. No bid deal, he was as happy with the game as if his team had won.

Liam's first game occurred simultaneously at the Ayre Athletic Field, just down the road. Kristine took that one in. Liam, who is now nearly towering over his older brother, was the biggest kid on the field. He had fun as his team trounced the competition 5-1.

 Conor's first game is tonight. I am going to miss it and that really bothers me.

It was great to see all the familiar faces from last year. I am not going to be able to coach or take in as many games this year because of evening work commitments. That sucks but the bills have to be paid.

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