Monday, June 18, 2012


Exes do not make for great pillow-talk.

Here is a story that I missed last week.

A Florida woman was charged with domestic battery and was taken to jail after a misunderstanding regarding a girl named Pam and the non-stick cooking spray!

Barbara Hall asked her boyfriend to bring some oil from the kitchen to the bedroom. He obliged. He went from hero to zero in no time after a slight misunderstanding. When she asked him if he had brought the PAM, something got lost in the translation.

She was looking for some "sexual lubricant,", the poor idiot started spewing forth a story about a women named Pam that he had recently had sex with!

Barbara lost it and allegedly started flipping out. The slippery situation turned to hurling the olive oil, cups and a flashlight.

These two must be fun to watch at Kentucky Fried Chicken!

I wonder if they use KY on the grill to keep the burgers from sticking?

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