Monday, June 18, 2012


The X-37B has landed.

The mysterious American Air Force craft spent over a year traveling around our planet.

The X-37B is a cousin of the Space Shuttle, but this baby is not run by NASA, it is Air Force property.  It is reportedly controlled by remote, is completely robotic and has room for a payload.

 I wonder if this is what Darlene Stewart of Harbour Mille, Fortune Bay  snapped a picture of last year?

This is where things get interesting what would a robotic in space be needing to carry around a payload for a year at a time, or more?

One can hazard a guess that there is a military objective. Speculation ranges from it being a platform to launch nukes from space to satellite destruction! It is a prototype, so it will not see any action. The real weapon is yet to come.

The Canadian air force is expanding  it's fleet of drones  this year, giving itself more automated eyes in the Skies over the nation. The Israeli-made drones debuted last summer during an annual exercise in the Arctic.The Americans are already using MQ-1 Predator drones to patrol its borders with both Canada and Mexico.

How far off can Skynet really be?

Still with space news. The eager Chinese have become the  third country in the world to complete a manned space docking

You can get a full run-down of China's space plans over at NASA Space Flight.

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