Friday, June 8, 2012


"The NDP have become the de facto 
Opposition party, even though they 
don't have status in that regard," 


I listened to the all party political panel on CBC Radio a few minutes ago and was left scratching my head!

The delicate nature of spinning the humble pie served up to both the tories and the grits via yesterday's pair of public opinion polls was entertaining. Sometimes, I wonder why politicians bother with the facade of serving-up all of the horse shit when they know that people see it for what it is.

I thought Bell Island MHA, David Brazil, did a decent job, he was not nearly as cheekish as the rapid fire suck-up Tweets from Boy Scout MHA, Steve Kent. He offered a realistic assessment of both the ongoing political correction, the current public policy challenges and the impact Federal Conservative policies are having on the provincial brand.

Expectantly, the former Bell Island Ferry Committee Chair turned government apologist, did not mention the fact that his crew endorsed Stephen Harper, and in doing so unleashed the E.I changes, job cuts, fisheries cuts, science cuts and search & rescue cuts on the residents of the province. The Progressive Conservative Party of Newfoundland and and the Conservative Party are one and the same these days. Notice how one has the others back?  Stating anything to the contrary is like asking voters to believe the Liberals are moving forward.

Liberal Andrew Parsons did as good as can be expected, considering the lackluster performance of Dwight "dynamite" Ball. Give us time said young Andrew, he has only been leader for five months. Have many times have I heard that K-Tel hit since 2005!

Time is something the Liberals do not have. They are only a by-election, or two away,  from being the third party! Frankly, considering the obnoxious behavior of Bay of Islands Liberal MHA, Eddy "The Enforcer" Joyce, in the House of Assembly this week, the label might look good on them!

What is interesting, like Joyce's sudden temporary coalition with the government bleacher creatures, is the Parson's/Brazil one-two punch on St. John's New Democrat Dale Kirby over the Corner Brook Mill workers pension issue. The temporary love in is amazing.

What the heck are the Liberals doing  in bed with the government on this issue when they should be pounding the crap out of them? This is not a political issue? My ass! It is a political issue, it is an issue that demonstrates a failure of leadership not much different than the issues facing the fishery. You might recall the Premier rejected an all-party approach on that issue because the Liberals did not have the intelligence to contribute anything, according to the Premier:

 "I have said it time and time again in this house, to have these all-party committees requires some confidence in that the people opposite know what they are talking about,"

What is clear,  the Corner Brook situation is that the outstanding issue, the bone of contention,  is that current union employees are worried about the future of their pensions. Government is prepared to pay out millions in assistance if the mill closes but they feel it is not their role to offer the union and the owners a way forward? How is trying to find a solution to the pension impasse political? How is forcing the government to account for it's lassie-fair approach, political?

Why won't the government guarantee pensioners that their pensions will be protected in the long run through some form of loan guarantee. They could ask Kruger to put up the power plant in Deer Lake as collateral. If both parties feel the mill has a future, such an arrangement would be the ideal fix to this impasse. Is this political, of course not..It is a pragmatic way to eliminate the stress of the current situation and a win-win-win for all three groups.

I thought the House of Assembly was  the place to debate public policy and to hold the government to account! Perhaps not quite understanding that is the reason that the Liberals are sitting double digits behind the NDP in the polls.

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