Tuesday, June 5, 2012


The quarterly political polling period is coming to an end. The results of the latest round of opinion surveys should be released  over the next week.

The last round of polls reflected a downward trend in support for the Progressive Conservative Party and the Premier. It will be interesting to learn the current mood of the province towards the government it elected less than a year ago. Just as interesting is the growth of the NDP. Will they continue to shatter glass ceilings? What about the Liberals? Has the leadership of Dwight Ball made a difference?

Political polls typically focus on public policy issues and views about elected officials. Have you ever been polled? If you were contacted by a market research company, would you participate in a survey or pass?

Your opinion counts. If you are selected for an interview, your input will reflect the views of hundreds of others. If the call comes at an inconvenient time, arrange to speak to the caller at a more convenient time. The pollsters wants the best sample possible and will accommodate you.

Over the years, I have been on both sides of the equation. I have asked questions and participated in polls. Many people could not be bothered to answer a survey on the phone.  This is unfortunate because the results of the polls reflect those surveyed. If certain kinds of people do not participate in the surveys, then the results won’t represent the full range of opinions. Elected and un-elected officials pay attention to the results of polls. They are very much taken into account in the decision-making process.

There is a significant difference between market research surveys and telemarketing. Telemarketers are selling something. You can request to be put on a do not call list to prevent these type of calls.

What about you? Do you partake in polls when called? Do you think they are an invasion of your privacy? A necessary evil? Overdone? Of no use?


Anonymous said...

I never vote or do polls. What difference does it make except to help them go around you.

David McManus said...

My guess is Dunderdale PC's will slip again, how much and where it goes will be the questions. Maybe a larger undecided tally this time.

Dwight Ball has been marginalized in his media coverage by both the media outlets and Dunderdale. The media cover Lorraine Michael's questions and tiffs with the Premier three times as often as they do Ball. There's something to that.

Speaking of liberal leadership, what happened to that renewal group that was supposed to seek input from liberals all over the province? You can check your own blog and CBC to see it was announced at a press conference over 2 months ago and was supposed to be meeting people in May.

Nothing so far.

Continuing the dysfunction and damage is what it is. At a time when the government cannot seem to get anything right.

Anonymous said...

Don Mills @DonMillsCRA

Interesting changes in NL political numbers in latest CRA poll to be released tomorrow on our website (cra.ca). Stay tuned.