Friday, June 8, 2012


Polls, Polls, Polls!

Yesterday was Premier Dunderdale's turn, today it is Stephen Harper. A new Nanos poll suggests  the Conservatives and the NDP are in a statistical tie.

One would think that, with all the poll hype, that neither the Provincial or the Federal government was a majority! The fact is, the polls do not offer a sense of urgent immediacy to Stephen Harper or Kathy Dunderdale.

Both leaders have three years to earn back voters support. Their governments are not going to fall  in either legislature. They control the legislative, policy and political agenda. As long as their respective caucuses remain calm and see the polls through a pragmatic lens, all should be fine.

Both are riding into a storm. Harper's government is more ideological. There is no longer a hidden agenda, they are doing  what Conservatives do. A majority of Canadian's may not like it, but we get the government we deserve. The first past-the-goal-post system of government that we all support assures it!

Dunderdale is not Danny Williams. She does not pretend to be. The years of heady 80% approval ratings are long gone. She controls the mechanisms of government. She holds the purse strings. She is the boss, unless the nervous nellies want to commit harakiri over a long over-due correction in the political landscape. What goes up must come down!

Spin aside. If I were a leader, I would prefer something more gradual, but the fact is, at this point in the electoral cycle, these numbers would be the envy of most Premier's and government's.

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McManus said...

The NDP did capture a larger share of the popular vote than the Liberals in the 2011 General Election.

That being said, the numbers need to be taken in the knowledge that the NDP has little or no political machinery off the Avalon and the Avalon seats alone are not a majority.

They have 3 and a half years to fix that.