Wednesday, June 27, 2012


Artistic Fraud’s theatrical retelling of the incredible true story of Lanier Phillips is touring the province!

 It is hard to believe that the hospitality, compassion and love for our fellow man, expressed in the aftermath of  the USS Truxton and the USS Pollux running aground against the rocks in Lawn Point and Chambers Cove in February 1942, could impact the American Civil Rights.

Phillips, 88, died in March, just weeks after  he made the journey to the boot of Burin Peninsula to mark the 70th anniversary of the disaster. Here is a link to his extraordinary story produced by Producer Chris Brooke.

I had had the opportunity, on several occasions,  to meet the Mr. Phillips on a couple of occasions. His experience as a black U.S. serviceman that was treated with compassion and kindness, with no regard for the color of his skin became a rallying call.  At the time segregation was alive and well in the Southern United States, and the experience changed his live.  He committed his life to the civil rights movement in the United States, marching alongside Dr. Martin Luther King.

Oil and Water is an incredible show!  The story, written by Robert Chafe  resonates with an incredible power.

The province wide tour began in Stephenville on June 19th. Tonight is debuts in Grand Falls before heading to Gander & Marystown before a two night engagement in St. John's on July 5 & 6th.

The show has received rave reviews and applause from all over the country.

Don't miss it!

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