Tuesday, June 26, 2012


" It's not just a faster rate, but at a faster pace,
 like a car on a highway "jamming on the accelerator," 

 Lead author, 
Asbury Sallenger Jr.

National Geographic is reporting that the sea level along America's East Coast is rising much faster than predictated, outpacing the global average by up to four times.

As global warming continues to melt the polar ice caps seal levels are rising.

US Geological Survey scientists found that sea levels from the 600-mile stretch of coast from Cape Hatteras in North Carollina to the Boston area climbed about 2 to 3.8 millimeters a year between 1950 and 2009. That compares with an average 0.6 to 1 millimeter increase annually over the same period globally.

Environment Canada
What does that mean for us? Coasts throughout Atlantic Canada will experience similar or greater change in the future.. The most sensitive coasts  are  low-lying, with salt marshes, barrier beaches, and lagoons which will experience  increased erosion, rapid migration of beaches, and flooding of coastal freshwater marshes.

Rising sea level will increase wave-energy at the coast, and intensify rates of change. We have already seen the impact of this kind of erosion along our coasts in places like Daniel's Harbour, Conception Bay and Point Verde.

As we have seen, more frequent and stronger hurricanes and tropical storms are going to create more  see coastal flooding. The result is going to be the  retreat of shoreline and significant loss of wetland habitats.

Remember the old George Strait song, I have some ocean front property in Arizona?

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