Thursday, June 14, 2012


The topic of the new MacBook Pro came up via a conversation about new toys.

My buddy, Bob, asked me if I would be picking one up. I recently purchased a Mac Air and am giving up on riding the curve. I am not a power user.  My MacBook Air provides all the grit I need, right now.

Of course the NEW MacBook Pro sports Retina display.   It will cost you - $2,199 and up, $400 more than the non-Retina MacBook with the same-sized screen. It will also feature the  new Intel Ivy Bridge processor, higher-end graphics, and options for more memory and a larger solid-state drive.

  iFixit says the latest incarnation make this the least repairable laptop they’ve even taken apart. They gave the MacBook a 1/10 and said ”Apple has packed all the things we hate into one beautiful little package.”

Apple's new resolution and innovation, as usual, will leave the competition in the dust.

Higher prices have not hurt the company's grip on the market.

Speaking of innovation and prices. The latest operating system,  Mountain Lion is due next month. The upgrade will only cost $20.

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Nancy Crozier said...

Don't talk to me about Apple right now. Twice lately I've "upgraded" iTunes, only to have it render previous purchases - from iTunes - unwatchable unless I re-download them. Not good for the family bandwidth.

I'm seething.