Tuesday, June 26, 2012


While wandering around the downtown yesterday, I stumbled on an interesting window exhibit that really caught me attention!

Afterwords used bookstore on Duckworth Street has a Lego Exhibit of the Newfoundland Regiment in celebration of the bicentennial of the War of 1812. Hundreds of Royal Newfoundland Regiment soldiers died defending Upper Canada.

The Royal Newfoundland Regiment of Fencible Infantry fought in most major battles of the conflict. The regiment's history  dates back to 1795. It has been disbanded and reactivated on a number of occasions.  Since 1949 has been a militia or reserve unit of the Canadian Army.

The United States declared war on Great Britain on June 18, 1812. Hundreds of native Newfoundlanders took up the cause for the empire. Their experience on land, and at sea, made them valuable assets to the British who deployed them at forts, ports and on ships along the Great Lakes.

There will be a number of commemorative events to mark the anniversary with special events at Signal Hill.

June-Sept., 2012: The Noonday Gun.
The Noonday Gun will sound again this year at Signal Hill fired by members of the 2BN, Royal Artillery c. 1812.  This year featuring gun party members selected from our visitors and celebrity firing parties!
Grenadier Private of the Royal Newfoundland Fencibles
(artist: R.J. Marrion   copyright:Canadian War Museum)

June 18-August 12, 2012:  The Royal Newfoundland Regiment of Fencible Infantry Recruiting Party
This program – performed in partnership with the Government of Newfoundland – is a portable interactive and theatrical interpretive piece that will be offered throughout St. John’s leading up to the Encampment in August.

August 10-12, 2012: “The Newfoundland Soldier Then and Now” Bicentennial Encampment
  • A 3-day, weekend encampment with military demonstrations (both historic and modern), military music concerts, a depiction of the Battle of Signal Hill, and a climactic Sunset Ceremony with a fireworks show!  Elements of the 78th Highlanders (Halifax Citadel), the Compagnies franches de la marine (Fortress of Louisbourg), modern soldiers of the Royal Newfoundland Regiment, the Signal Hill Tattoo, and possibly animators from Fort Wellington and Fort George will provide demonstrations on the site.  Partners for this program include, the Halifax Citadel NHS, the Fortress of Louisbourg NHS, the EOFU, the SWOFU, DND, the City of St. John’s, the Town of  Torbay, the Department of Tourism, Culture and Recreation

July August, 2012:  The Soldier’s Sweet-tooth
Learn how chocolate played a role in the lives of British soldiers and sailors leading up to, and during the War of 1812 through demonstrations and interactive interpretation.

Now, I have to find  period Lego pieces or model paint!  I

A great learning and building project for the kids and I.

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