Thursday, June 28, 2012



"Do not be afraid; only believe"

Jesus Christ

On the way home from work yesterday the boys got into a discussion about God.

Kristine had picked me up at Coughlin College. The conversation about God was sparked after we passed a man flapping a placard at the intersection of Allendale Road and The Parkway about finding Jesus Christ!

One of the boys wondered why he was doing it! I said because he believes so much in God that he wants to remind other people about how important it is to remember your priorities and live a good life. Faith is belief without doubt. 

Conor said something about confession and the conversation turned to the afterlife, heaven, hell and purgatory. Why some people say hell is hot and others, a frozen lake. Liam said it is good to believe in God, Heaven and love. That being able to be with God when we die requires faith in him. It was a bit much for Cornor, who questioned things that he can not see, or touch.

Liam’s reply, there is nothing more real than God. He is everywhere. He told Conor that we need oxygen to breathe and there is lots of it, but we can’t see it!

I thought it was a neat response on faith, believing in things we can’t see.

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