Friday, June 15, 2012


The BBQ season is in full bloom.

We are on our second tank of propane and it is only mid-June.

I love the barbeque. It is so nice to cook outdoors, enjoy a beer and eat on the back deck!

The impromptu get-together with friends and neighbors complete the experience.

While my wife insists that the Dominion by the lake has better meats and fresher produce, I still like they Sobeys at Howley Estates. In particular, I like the Inspired Magazine, which frankly, has inspired me to do a little more meal preparation and experimentation on the grill.

The associated website is full of great meal ideas and recipes to enhance that outdoor cooking experience. Expanding the menu beyond a little bit of BBQ sauce on a slab of meat, chicken and pork is important to me. New flavors, lots of roasted vegetables, salads transforms meal time from a dull going through the motions activity to a pleasurable experience.

Lately, I've acquired a taste for grilled zucchini, garlic and eggplant. The Mediterranean style of cooking is just fantastic. Throw in a splash of wine and you can almost forget the daily bun fight with the boys.

A Moroccan spiced fish w/ avocado & lime salsa has caught my attention. Friday is fish day, my Fortune Bay cod fillets and scallops are defrosting!

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