Friday, June 8, 2012


From time to time, I receive flack from certain trolls about my spelling or grammar.

I really appreciate the objective, constructive e-mails notifying me of a mistake. I make the adjustment and move on.

They are  an occupational hazard of attempting to share fresh content with a compressed amount of time to blog. Working three jobs, volunteering, being a husband and an active dad, makes for a precarious balance. 

My top priority is always my family. Sometimes, when I am huddled away in my den of technology, Kristine needs remind me of that. She will come down and try and chat while am typing or scheduling posts for broadcast through-out the next day. Sometimes, I just have to say, can this wait. Perhaps, the blog should wait. I do not know!

While I accept that my professional reputation can suffer from not dotting my i's and crossing my t's, by using the wrong word, by spelling the wrong word, or misplaced grammar; the truth is this:  Polemic and Paradox is a hobby. It is a personal blog that is more likely to hurt my employment opportunities, than enhance them.

Some readers are too harsh when it comes to judging. Some overlook the content to point out the mistakes. Every-time I look a typo, or spelling error, I feel the twinge. However, I just do not have enough time to properly edit everything I write.

Often, I am writing on the fly, inspired by an interview, or an observation. It is now or never, living in the present that allows me to go on. I used to type my posts in MS Word. I would print them, edit them and than post. It became too time consuming. Too many distractions!

Sure, I would love for another person to proofread my posts, catching every mistake, but that it is not practical either.

Besides, I am in good company. I was reminded of that fact recently when Mitt Romney’s campaign made headlines when someone spelled GOP demigod Ronald Reagan’s name wrong. Spelling it as as “Regan” in a slideshow for donors—was  sloppy! A few weeks ago, the spelling fairies struck Romney’s official iPhone app. They misspelled misspelled “America” as “Amercia,”.

Even the Democrats make mistakes. They have misspelled “Libya” as “Lybia” and Pesident Obama misspelled “Syracuse” as “Sycacuse"  while filling out his NCAA Tournament bracket

It is re-assuring to see that even giant campaigns for control  of the most powerful office in the world employ fallible human beings.

It is about the ideas folks!

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