Tuesday, June 26, 2012


Some people are shagging stupid and  inconsiderate.

Every year when the capelin start rolling in, hundreds of people flock to near by beaches to scoop up the tiny fish in buckets, nets and plastic bags.

The annual summer ritual is most notable at Middle Cove Beach, where the large parking lot is filled to capacity, leading visitors to park on both sides of the road along the valley leading to the beach. The result is gridlock and often impassable roads for emergency vehicles like ambulances and fire trucks.

Despite warnings, signs and public service announcements on radio, there are still dozens of people who take no heed, who could care less that in an effort to fetch a few capelin, they are blocking emergency vehicles.

Some of these people will grumble and complain about the big fines they receive when the RNC ticket them and tow their vehicles away. What they fail to realize is that by being so selfish and blocking the flow of traffic, they could cost a family their home, or a heart attack victim their life. This is no joking matter! Roads have to be passable  for emergency vehicles. What is so hard to understand about that?

Last year, I was present when an ambulance could not pass through the area because it was congested with vehicles on either side of the road. It was pandemonium, the RNC issues tickets, there was no room for tow trucks to remove vehicles and the ambulance was unable to get through. The negligent owners of the vehicle were  down on the beach, far from the emergency at hand.

I hate to offend anyone, but come on, use your head and put the welfare of others ahead of a bit of fun.

 How would you feel  if your son, daughter, mother, father, spouse, partner or relative dies because the ambulance taking them to hospital, or responding to their emergency, could not get through?

Think before you park.

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