Wednesday, June 13, 2012



Brian said...

The Donald Rumsfeld of NL politics.

Anonymous said...


Not the kind of posting I expect to see, nor have I seen in the past.

Take the high road and make your point without the personal attack and language you used.

Anonymous said...

IT IS JUST YOU..................

Peter L. Whittle said...


That is exactly how I feel, and I see no reason to sugar coat it.

Perhaps when the man learns to give a straight, consistent answer to a question, I might try and be a little more diplomatic.

Felix "the cat" Collins amazes me. The man is a professional educator and a lawyer. Over the past two weeks I have listened to a half-dozen interviews that made me wonder if he was not informed, not reading his briefing notes or just plain attempting to mislead the public.

No apologies from me. I think he is not credible, he fails to inspire my confidence as a minister of the crown, he is ridiculous in his approach to the answering question and is full of shit!

Perhaps my language is the result of the level of frustration I am feeling with the charades of late.

I think full of shit is much nicer than a lot of other apt words I could have used.

Anonymous said...

Don’t try to argue with these Stumbledale apologists.

That’s impossible! Lecturing you about the highroad when the PC's subverted democracy with he closure motion last night.

It stinks like, the word you should not use :)

Anonymous said...

The tories hate it when one calls a spade a spade!

They are all full of shit Peter, irregardless of the party! Some are just more obvious. Look at the toadies in the backbenches. Spineless little sheep without an independent thought in their well paid heads.

Anonymous said...


Some more advice. Next time just say bull crap, it means the same thing but much tamer.

Although, judging by the contorted look on his face, it does look like he is on the crapper

Anonymous said...

He is full of shit. So is anyone who ever made excuses for the PC's under Danny or Dunderhead.