Thursday, June 21, 2012


The latest Newfoundland and Labrador Quisling MP must be feeling the heat!

Harper enforcer, cabinet minister Peter Penashue is the Member of Parliament for Labrador. The former Innu leader beat out incumbent Todd Russell in the Spring 2011 federal election.

Instead of fading away to the sunny beaches of Florida, Russell dusted off his knees, refocused and successfully sought the leadership of the NunatuKavut Community Council. The organization represents Labradors southern Inuit providing Russell with a lot of viability. The always paranoid Conservatives want to curb that profile.

Russell may have been defeated over a year ago but his  on-line presence has not faded away. The former M.P's webpage was still viable up until yesterday, which appears to have really bother Penashue leading him to rise in the House of Commons on a point of privilege claiming that Russell had breached parliamentary privilege by not taking down the site.

Penashue can not seem to find the time to assist the provincial government, or his own people, in ongoing efforts to lobby against draconian cuts to Coast Guard Radio Stations, Federal Fisheries Offices,  Search and Rescue operations, Employment Insurance Programs and the liming of federal jobs in the province, but he has the time to rise on a frivolous motion in the House of Commons.

It is obvious that Penashue is in trouble. He knows that he is going to be a one-termer, sees Russell (in his new role) as a significant threat and is trying to find ways to reduce the former MP's profile.

The Conservatives like to expunge the record and having a record of putting Labrador first, like Russell did, available to the public with a push of a button, must be a potent reminder of how impotent Penashue is as our cabinet representative in the anti-Newfoundland and Labrador Harper Administration.

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