Tuesday, June 26, 2012


Six years ago, I purchased my first Digital SLR Camera.

Kristine and I were on vacation in Halifax with some friends. They were looking for a Nikon, I found a Pentax that I liked. We purchased it,  but a few weeks later returned it for another model.

I have a fondness for the Pentax brand going back to the purchase of my very first SLR in J-school back in  the mid 1980's. Since purchasing my first K-1000 , over twenty years ago, I have bought four Pentax SLRs, and a bunch of lenses.

After a lot of market research, my preference was a Pentax 10-D. The camera has served me well. Great photos, rugged and it remains as sharp today as when I first purchased it. Frankly, parting with it for something new was s difficult decision.

It had a nice custom Camera Body Armour (which I can not buy for my new camera), a couple of spare batteries and a D-18-50 lens. I thought about keeping the camera as a good spare, but, I decided to part with it. Offering it on the cheap to someone who was really enthusiastic about photography and was looking for a cheap starter SLR, seemed like the best route.

Enough of the old.

I purchased a K-5. A nice step up inn terms of technology. It doesn't offer any radically new 'killer' features but concentrates on improving what is already there. The weather-sealed Pentax  fast-shooting,  ISO sensitivity span of 80-51,200 (equivalent), compact design, in-body stabilization, new 16-megapixel sensor, and video sold me on this upgrade. 

The pentaprism optical viewfinder is really cool!  It's quite large and offers 100 percent coverage—so what you see through the finder is exactly what the camera will capture. The K-5 also supports Live View via its 3-inch rear LCD.  The high-resolution display makes it possible to manually focus lenses—you can even zoom in on your scene to verify fine focus.

Not being able to purchase new Camera Body Armour (still looking) for the camera made me think twice about the purchase. I take my camera out in all kinds of weather. I like to have it with me, particularly out in the boat. Salt water and air is not a particular great environment for a D-SLR.  The K-5 and the new W lenses  are sealed. The camera can take a licking and keep on ticking. The sealing has another benefit—it dampens the sound of the internal mechanizations, ie.mirror. It makes the camera really quiet in operation.
My only complaint, the lockable exposure mode dial can be annoying, but I am getting used to it!

Over all I love the way that the K-5 is designed, I like the new ISO range, the live view, the weather design frame, video and the fact that  that it is so backwards-compatible.

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