Thursday, June 21, 2012


It is the official start to summer and MHA's find themselves in an unusual locale.

By this time of the year the Spring session is all wrapped up and they are on the barbeque and garden party circuit.

While discussing the current session of the House of Assembly, some political watchers and I were speculating about how often the House of Assembly sat into July. I recalled one instance,  when the legislature was recalled to debate the Schools Act for a few days in July of 1997. 

According to some information, provided to me by the helpful folks at the Legislative Library, I have some answers.

July sittings are rare, August sittings are even more rare.

The last time the House of Assembly sat in July was in 1997. The legislature was called back for three days to debate the infamous Schools Act. 

In 1988, the house sat right into the middle of July! In 1982, the House sat on July 1st and 2nd. In 1981 the members sat in July as well.

Sitting in July was not uncommon in the 1970s. The House of Assembly sat for parts of July in 1970,1972,1978 and 1979. In fact, in 1979 the session went right into August!

In 1960, the House sat in July.

In the 50's, the House sat in July 4 times (1959,1955,1952 & 1958), including two weeks in August of 1958. 

In 1949, the House sat through June and August.

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