Wednesday, June 20, 2012


More evidence that Global Warming is already wreaking havoc on a global scale.

Antarctica is like the canary in the Coal Mine. The environmental messages contained in the animated movies Happy Feet one and two may not be far off the mark.
Polar Biology, is reporting the depressing results of a study by a team from Madrid's National Museum of Natural Scienceshas been studying chinstrap penguin populations in Antarctica for decades.

The latest results are devastating. The number of occupied nests in that time period plummeted by 36%. The team tallied chinstrap penguins in the Vapour Col colony of Deception Island in the Antarctic's Shetland Islands, and 19 subcolonies. The population of a nearby chinstrap colony on Bailey Head has plummeted by 50%,

Lead researcher Andres Barbosa stated, "This is an example of how the human activity far from the poles can affect life thousands of kilometers far from our homes."

 Have you seen the Warner Independent Pictures and National Geographic Feature Films,“March of the Penguins”? The real-life story is about the Emperor Penguin’s journey to create and sustain new life. The film beautifully captures the funny, sad, scary, and endearing moments that occur in the remote Arctic. This is the Eco-web we are destroying.

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