Tuesday, June 5, 2012


That stomach bug that is making the rounds is holding my house hostage!

For the second night in a row, one of my sons woke with severe stomach pains, paid worship to the porcelain throne and slept with a bucket next to his bed.

Yesterday, I took the day off to look after Aidan. Today it is Kristine's turn. We have all had an element of the bug. My turn, I hope, was on Friday night. I was not as sick as the boys but that gut wrenching nausea was present.  Pepto-Bismol seems to coat the stomach and help with the pain in your stomach. Kristine is still dealing with the nausea and headaches.

Time is a healer in itself. Time allows your body to fight off the bug. This is where things get a little tangly. This bug does knock the stuffing out of you. You feel tired for a reason,. your body is telling you to stay in bed, you needs rest. It wants the energy that the rest will provide to fight off the bug and make you better.

Sure that sounds good, but since when to parents get to rest! Work does not stop because I fell ill. Who wants the reputation of being a slackard for missing too much work?  Chances are you’ll probably pass the stomach bug on to your co-workers anyhow.

For us, it is as simple as using sick or family leave. For a lot of people, a day's work lost is a day's pay lost. A tough call when money is tight. I live in hope that this bug will have vacated the premises tonight.

There is nothing worse than sick kids and a cranky wife!

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