Thursday, June 7, 2012


“At times it has been pretty lonely
carrying on this enterprise in the
face of the province’s biggest advertiser,
namely the provincial government,
singling me out and limiting the income
I make to feed and cloth my children”

Craig Westcott
Irish Loop Post

In years gone by,  newspapers were often started by business people that wanted a voice for their political/business opinions. The archives of newspapers in this province is littered with journals and newspapers that promoted a particular persuasion.   Most of the small weekly papers in this province have been bought out and consolidated. 

I could not help but notice Craig Westcott’s bitter editorial in the Irish Loop Post on May 02, 2012 (Vol.5, No..8) railing against the province for alleged “longstanding blacklisting of the Irish Loop Post and The Business Post.”

Craig appears puzzled. He suggests that his readers are paying a price, that they are being  discriminated against by the provinces biggest advertiser – the provincial government.

I too am a little puzzled? How can a person who ran as a member of Stephen Harper’s Conservative team and went on to work as the Public Relations Director for the Liberal Party/Official Opposition be puzzled that his papers may not be considered the most unbiased newspapers in the province. 

If your Raison D'Etre  is to undermine and defeat the current Progressive Conservative government, than perhaps one might want to look in the mirror at the person who is limiting the income you make to feed and clothe your children. 

The issue  is not about people on the Southern Shore being neglected, it is about the Irish Loop Post not getting advertising dollars. 

The government is not obligated to provide an income for anyone.  One would think that a past candidate for Stephen Harper's "Atlantic Canada's Culture of Defeatism" party would know that.


Anonymous said...

The corollary of your argument is that government should spend public resources on the basis cronyism, favoritism and the absence of opposition.

Peter L. Whittle said...

First of all, it is not my argument, more of an observation.

I certainly do not think that government should spend public resources on the basis of cronyism, favoritism and the absence of opposition.

In fact, I know what it is to be blacklisted and have the legal bills to prove it.

However, there is no much to be puzzled about is there?

Anonymous said...

Sure, the taxpayers should be paying the bills for partisan rags.

The papers are pulpits for anti-government rants.

The man should run for politics and gauge the level of support for his rants.

Independent,non-biased media without an agenda are one thing. These papers sure do not fall under that category.

McManus said...

Businesses come and businesses close, that is the nature of capitalism.

Mr. Westcott's journal is provided free of charge, but I still don't bother to read it.

Your observation is correct: no one, not even the government, owes Mr. Westcott anything at all.