Thursday, June 7, 2012


A new Angus Reid Public Opinion poll released today shows Premier Kathy Dunderdale's personal support is plummeting! She  has dropped below 50 per cent for the first time in her tenure.

Dunderdale has slipped 14% since the last poll on Premier's. She still has an approval rating of 46% which is much better than most of the nation's leaders.

That said her disapproval numbers really jumped from 29 to 44%. OUCH!

Manitoba’s Greg Selinger and Newfoundland and Labrador’s Kathy Dunderdale are tied for third place nationally with 46 per cent

New Democratic Party leader Lorraine Michael is still the countries most popular opposition leader with an approval rating of 57%.


Anonymous said...

The Premier did quite well in my opinion considering all the problems she is facing. Due mostly to the condition of the Canadian and world economy, Would say to her keep going and I'm very thankful we have her running this Province and not Michael and Kirby or we would really be in really deep trouble. Looks like we haven't got to worry about the Liberals.

Anonymous said...

Michael comes first of all the other leaders it is certainly not saying much about them.

The Archon said...

I do not support Dunderdale one bit, but we should look at this objectively.

60% support is not a bad number,still a substantial majority if an election was held today. In many jurisdictions, 60% would be an ideal number. The previous numbers in NL were off the scale and would be very difficult for any party or person to maintain.

The NDP gowth is encouraging no doubt, but they have little organization outside of the metro/Avalon region: something they need to develop quickly.

The Liberals did not drop any further, but the do remain at historically low levels despite a new interim leader, communications and policy staff. The number holding is more likely a result of the party's brand strength and not the current leadership or management.

My analysis is the Conservatives need to pay attention to the expectations of the electorate, the NDP needs to organize and the Liberals require a complete re-work from the ground up.

Peter L. Whittle said...

I have been talking about a "correction" towards a more balanced playing field since Danny Williams resigned.

That correction might have occurred earlier had the Liberals not failed to organize well in advance of last fall's election. Now they are, well, look at what is happening.

If it were not for the lofty numbers of the past, these numbers would be stellar. Dunderdale's numbers would be the envy of many a politician.

That said, there is an undeniable trend. The PC's are going back to traditional levels of support. The Liberals are dead in the water and the NDP are picking up from both of them.

I think there is one winner in this equation, the NDP. There is one looser, the Liberals.

The Conservatives have to learn to manage expectations...the Williams Era numbers are a poison chalice.