Friday, June 15, 2012


P&P has been a bit quiet this week. I have been sidelined by an unexpected personal issue caused by my own stupidity.

Lifting a heavy object the wrong way with my back instead of using my legs led to a sciatic nerve injury. This nerve goes through the spine and reaches the toes. Since a part of the sciatic nerve spread through the back too, its compression can lead to back pain.

I suffered though work last week but a trip to my physiotherapist and my medical doctor led to orders to rest, relax and not sit in a chair. They insisted I take the week off. Considering that both my evening and day job require me to sit at a desk and spend hours in front of a computer, I heeded the request.  Apparently rest is the key to preventing a  permanent injury. As you allow the injury to recede, the pain will gradually disappear.

Three nice days in a row, missed! I hope that summer comes back when I can enjoy it. Not to mention loosing a week of leave and spending most of it laying in bed with a pillow under my knees and an icepack on my lower back.

To say I am bored would be an understatement, but it is what it is. CBC Radio provided great entertainment for the first couple of days, but even that gets tiring when you want top be on the go.

I hate growing old.

I expect my wife will be trading me in for a working model showtime soon!

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Tony said...

STRONGLY recommend chiropractic care. Has helped my back dramatically.