Thursday, June 7, 2012


One by one, the mouths in the Progressive Conservative caucus will be heading to the airwaves in shifts on Thursday and Friday.

They will be professing their undying support for the leader and explaining away the disastrous quarterly poll as a blip in time. The most repeated comments will be that these are difficult times, that Premier Dunderdale is not going to be ruled by the polls, that the only poll that counts is on election day, they may even be brazen enough to blame the decline on Stephen Harper!

In fact, the issue is leadership. Premier Dunderdale has lost much of her credibility. Frankly, she took the poison chalice. She gambled her reputation and the reputation of her party on cozening up with Stephen Harper. The result has been disastrous.

The challenge now will be for the Premier to re-invent herself? No easy task when you look at her spectacular blunders over the past year. From the Harper re-union, the failure of leadership on the Coast Guard Sub-base, the Burton Winters Tragedy, the fishery and the provinces finances to the bow-wow 47th General Assembly - everything she touches has gone to pot!

Considering the failure of the Liberals to catch fire, The PC Party might be excused for taking government for granted. No matter how bad they got, there was no alternative. However, it would appear that neither of the traditional governors saw the NDP Ascension  coming.

The longer the rot, and decline, is allowed to set in, the harder it is going to be to for the Progressive Conservatives to find a new leader that can take them to a fourth majority. The more difficult it becomes to govern, the more pensionable members are going to push off. The longer they put of renewal, the more they will look like the Liberals of 2003.

If there is one thing worse than an incompetent premier it is one that can not control her cabinet. Already we are seeing unparalleled largesse with public tax dollars. Ministers are directing money to their own districts as it becomes each for his/her own. Remember how Danny Williams dealt with that? He cut Tom Rideout, a former Premier off at the knees!

Of course, Dunderdale is no Danny Williams. Her grip on power, despite today's showcase of contrived support, is tenuous at best.

One other blockade to change.

The fixed term legislation. If the leader resigns with more than a year left in the mandate, an election has to be called.

That could be a pretty strong card for Dunderdale to play if her caucus becomes a bunch of nervous Nellies!

One thing is for certain, the P.C's are about to enter a era of discontent that they have not had to deal with since coming to power. 

What goes around comes around!


David said...


Could you check around with your contacts to see if the rumor that one of the male commissioners on the Liberal rebuilding committee has reassessed his interest in leadership and has formally left the committee?

Overheard at Starbucks this morning.

Peter L. Whittle said...


I love coffee shops.
The Corner Brook Mill may be in jeopardy but the rumor, thankfully, continues to grind!

Anonymous said...

Where is this poll!

The buzz is something else