Wednesday, June 6, 2012



"Interesting changes in NL political numbers
in latest CRA poll to be released tomorrow
on our website ( Stay tuned.

Don Mills @DonMillsCRA
June 06, 2012


The top dog at Canadian Research Associates is in a teasing mood today. Don Mills posted a Tweet suggesting that his companies latest poll is going to show some "interesting changes" in the provincial political scene.

The last CRA poll, released in March, showed that among decided voters the NDP had 28 per cent support. The Liberals have rebounded to 18 per cent from the party's previous level of 13 per cent.

Support for the governing Progressive Conservatives had dropped to 54%. PC Leader Kathy Dunderdale’s personal popularity declined to 48%, down from 59% in the previous poll.

The NDP have been on a continual march, reaching  historic high levels of support and than shattering those records with each quarterly poll over the past year.

What to expect? It is really hard to predict. I expect that government satisfaction numbers, support for the Progressive Conservative Party and the Premier's personal support will be down. The level of decline might be sharper than even the pundits expected.

I am also looking forward to the new spin from the tories who probably will not be Tweeting that they are still way ahead of the opposition parties.

The piece of the puzzle that I am absolutely craving in anticipation for: How much will the opposition parties benefit and what party will be the chief benefactor in this evolving realignment of party support in the post-Danny William's era?

My feeling, prepare for another NDP surge!

I can almost hear the knifes being sharpened in the the thick pea soup fog!

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Anonymous said...

Word is that is that the NDP are going to leapfrog the gov?