Monday, June 4, 2012


The search for serial wacko and international fugitive Luka Rocco Magnotta is over!
The alleged murderer, necrophiliac, gay porn star and media slut is in the hands of German authorities who found him surfing the world wide web in an Internet Cafe, where he was googling the international coverage of his manhunt.

Throughout the ages, there have been psychos that have murdered for the pleasure of it. These monsters do not belong to the human race, they are sub-human. They have lost, if they ever had it, the humanity to be part of society.

Rocco wanted to be infamous. He has had his ten days of fame. The challenge now for the media and the public is to deny him any further fame, headlines or notoriety, which he obviously craves.

I fear there are more Roccos out there that might be willing to give into their macabre, suppressed desires. That they might "copycat" this sub-human if his alleged acts of evil continue to be fed to the public in the form of sensational headlines.

Let us forget Rocco.

 Let us instead celebrate the life of Jun Lin, 33, who was murdered in his apartment  in Montreal on the night of May 24.

Is it possible in this age of sensational media to make a collective decision to  let the courts deal with this man, for us all to forget him, ensuring he never gets the attention that he willing to heinously murder to receive?

Lets just wipe the record clean and forget he ever existed?

If only it was so simple. In reality, this sicko fed hundreds of thousands of others (perhaps millions)  who are attracted to the gorish web sites like the one to which Rocco allegedly uploaded his kitten and snuff movies.

The video continues to circulate, as more and more people search the internet to view the macabre.

It says a lot about some segments of our society.

Surely, we can refuse these monsters the infamy they crave by just ignoring them.

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