Thursday, May 17, 2012


 The Harper Conservative's test balloons on reforms to transform the EI system into a clearing house for jobs nobody wants continue to multiply.

Despite the good cop/badcop routine of Human Resources Minister Diane Diane Finley and Finance Minister Jim Flaherty's , there appears to be a well coordinated plan to overhaul the program.

A recently completed study by the government looked at ways to get people receiving employment insurance to move to other regions with more jobs. On the surface that appears to contradict Finley's assertion that people availing of EI will not be required to move to other regions of the company to seek work.

Does any one doubt Haper's assertion that we will not recognize Canada when he is done?


Anonymous said...

Your relentless anti-Harperism is tiresome, unenlightened and unenlightening. Seems to me that you are more dogmatic than he is.

Peter L. Whittle said...

I suggest than that you go elsewhere for your your reading because I will remain relentlessly anti-Harper and anti-Conservative for the rest of my life.

Define dogmatic...I certainly am middle of the road, left of center, which to a Harparite such as yourself would be extreme left!

Is it tiresome to be reminded of what a Harper government represents for this province? Is it unenlightened to offer opinions, mixed with factual news stories?

Really, you have a choice. You can follow-my blog and discuss the issues that you find tiresome or you can spend your time mutually masturbating with the Conservative Bloggers and supporters.

In my 40 odd years of political and community activism, I have never felt as polarized and ideologically opposed to a political organization as I do the Conservatives.

Like I said when i organized the Truth rally in 2006, I have been and will continue to be ABC.

Anonymous said...

Peter, you are anti-Conservative but fair. There have been plenty of kudos offered for policies that you agree with. My husband and I read your blog everyday. It is not all politics, but a snapshot of culture, your life, bizarre stories and insightful opinions.

Please do not let the paid trolls for the Conservative Party wear you down. What you are doing, speaking publicly is brave. It is also important. We do live in a democracy after all!