Friday, May 11, 2012


It sure has been a tough couple of days for Sony and Panasonic!

The natural disasters and tight television markets are battering these powerful mega-corporations.

Yesterday, Sony announced it's fourth consecutive annual loss. This years loss was 457 billion yen ($5.7 billion). For arch-rival Panasonic, the loss was in the same ball-park, 438 billion yen (USD $5 billion). That was ten times as high as last year's loss of 40.7 billion yen!

Panasonic which  produces Viera TVs and Lumix digital cameras is telling investors that it will be back in the black in 2013. It does not have a gaming division like Sony, but is expanding into solar panels and battery operations.

The South Korean Sumsung posted a $5.2 billion profit in April.  

By comparison lets look at Microsoft and Apple.

In April Microsoft Corp. announced quarterly revenue of $17.41 billion for the quarter ended Mar. 31, 2012, a 6% increase from the prior year period. Operating income was $6.37 billion, up 12% from the prior year period.

Apple nearly doubled its profits in Q2 2012 compared to Q2 2011, and practically quadrupled it compared to Q2 2010. It all adds up to $39.2 billion in revenue and $11.6 billion in profits.

Apple's stock hit an all-time high of $644 earlier this month.

 I wonder if American corporations like Microsoft or cash rich Apple are interested in either company.

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