Thursday, May 24, 2012


What if?

Premier Kathy Dunderdale was chosen to succeed Senator Ethel Cochrane in the Red Chamber when the former school teacher is retired this fall.

What if?

Senator Fabian Manning seeks the leadership of the Provincial Progressive Conservative Party, solidifying Prime Minister Harper's grip on his critics?

Could a deal be cut?

Stranger things have happened?

A puppet instead of a dud!

Anything can happen on the chess board that is Newfoundland and Labrador Politics.

Cochrane's seat in the Senate will become vacant in September.

Most likely, Tom Marshall would slide into the role. His father, Jack Marshall, served as a Newfoundland Senator from 1978 to 1994.  He had been a Progressive Conservative MP  for  a decade before being appointed to the Senate by Liberal Prime Minister, Pierre Trudeau

He was succeeded by Fonse Faour, the first New Democrat to be elected to a federal riding in Newfoundland and Labrador. It was a short lived victory. Brian Tobin knocked him out of the job in the general election.

 Faour went on to serve as the Deputy Clerk of the Executive Council and Associate Secretary to Cabinet when Tobin was Premier.


David said...

Speculation is rampant about the future of Premier Dunderdale, due in no small part to her dismal performance and statements on every issue.

There are 2 problems with your scenario, one procedural and the other assumptive.

Procedural: Senators are chosen by the PM. The Province can recommend an individual, but the feds do not have to even consider the request. Dunderdale may not be Harper's choice.

Assumptive: that the PC party and caucus want Fabian Manning. You have been around politics to know there are plenty of ambitious people in that caucus who want the Premier's job for themselves. No interference from Danny Williams the next time is my speculation.

More speculation: Danny's thinking about coming back.

Peter L. Whittle said...


The post is what if, more food for thought than anything else. The Danny coming back thing is rampant.

The procedure is all federal.

I doubt that the job would go to any sitting PC. IF KD can not get a call back from the PM on important issues, I doubt she would be a choice for a reward like the senate. There would have to be some significant trade off, hence Fabian.

It is just postulating and tormenting on my part, more to offer awareness of the upcoming vacancy.

Realistically....Karen Hawco, Trevor Taylor, Leo Power, Tom Rideout, Jerry Bryne, John Ottenheimer, Loyola Sullivan.