Tuesday, May 22, 2012


Busy, sunny and cool.

That about sums up the Victoria Weekend here on the province's East Coast.

We did not go camping or head out to St. Bernard's like we traditionally do. Instead, we spent the May 24 holiday in St. John's.

Aidan had timings in the pool for his St. John's Legend's swim team early Saturday morning. Liam went to LaManche and spend a night at his best friends grandparent's cabin. I am still waiting for pictures of his successful trouting escapades.

I had the 94th Annual Knights of Columbus State Convention. That tied me up for Friday, Saturday and Sunday morning. I was pleased that a resolution passed amending the constitution that will prevent the convention for occurring on a Mothers Day or Victoria Day weekend. Considering we are supposed to be a family organization, it never made  a  lot of sense to me that the conventions always took place on the Victoria Day Weekend. I may have said enough Hail Mary's to shave a few decades off my stay in purgatory!

The Knights provided some much needed and welcome funding to Ronald MacDonald House, The Special Olympics and a number of other causes. Brian/Juanita Corcoran of Labrador City won the $50,000 State Lottery grand prize.

We did manage to barbeque with family and friends on Sunday night. I can not say that I tied one on, but The India was fine. It was a little too windy for a backyard fire, which came as a disappointment to the boys.

It was back to grindstone on Monday. I returned to my part-time job in the evening and head back to my day job later this morning!

I have to admit, I missed getting out of the city and out to my parents place. We normally get up to the cabin in Barrasway De Plate.

We have the entire summer to look forward to the cabin and next year the State Convention will not interfere!

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