Monday, May 28, 2012


Over the years, I have owned five Suzuki's. Over all, I do not have any major complaints. They are solid machines that perform and last.

My XL-7 is on it's last tires, it will soon give up the ghost, which means I have to find a new vehicle. The search for a new car had me surfing the internet for reviews and suggestions. 

During the search, I realized that Suzuki has been pushing the boundaries to market it's wares. A number of ads have been banned in India and Australia. I was shocked! I never considered the brand to be sexy.

One ad, banned in Australia this Spring took some flack for  an ad that featured a scantily clad lady that critics said did nothing to enhance the image of the car.

Ironically, the ad was banned by Ad Standards Bureau, not because of the low cut dress or the adequately covered breasts, but because it glamorizes reckless driving.

The ad, titled ‘Hot hatch’ for Suzuki Swift, shows a young couple driving through a car park with sprinklers going off behind them.

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