Thursday, May 31, 2012


 Budweiser  is encouraging Canadians to get to know their Budweiser better with the launch of Track Your Bud, a website that allows Canadians to digitally track their bottle or can of Budweiser to one of five Canadian breweries.  

Track Your Bud introduces beer fans to local Budweiser brewmasters, showcases Bud's ingredients and highlights the commitment to quality that goes into brewing every batch of Bud.

Labatt held a launch of the this heavy socio-economic initiative in St. John's earlier today. (Wednesday)

Mt Pearl South MHA, and Twittermiester,  Paul Lane was there with his colleague, St. John's West MHA Dan Crummell, who is a former Sales and Marketing guy for Molsons.

When I fist saw the Tweet tonight, I thought, taxpayer's money at work. The breweries employ lots of people in this city, so learning that a couple of MHA's were taking in a public relations event (and perhaps a few suds) did not shock me. Perhaps it helped take the edge off before punching another tough afternoon in the backbenches in House of Assembly. The job of a bleacher creature is hard work!

However, I had an epiphany of sorts. Considering the House of Assembly sits so little. Perhaps the M.H.A's might want to start their own tracking program. We could call it Track Your MHA. All of them use Blackberries or iPhones with GPS coordinates. Voters could digitally track their MHA, showcasing their commitment to public service and quality representation.

In other levity originating from the House of Assembly. Burgeo – La Poile, MHA Andrew Parson's provided a few smiles and grimaces with his attempt to speak french in the legislature.  He rose in the house to recognize Provincial Francophone Day in response to a ministerial statement by Francophone Affair's Minister Susan Sullivan. NDP Leader, Lorraine Micheal followed. She speaks fluid french, making Parson's look a little foolish.  

Full credit to Parson's for the attempt. It reminded me of the great challenge faced by John Crosbie when he sought the leadership of the Progressive Conservative Party of Canada. His inability to master the nation's other official language led to a Crosbieism.that rankled Quebec when he stated  that he did not know how to speak Chinese either.

I look forward to Provincial Chinese Day and Andrew's stab at Mandarin!

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