Thursday, May 17, 2012


The Telegram has slashed the cost of digital subscriptions!

A subscription to the digital edition and the print edition used to cost the same, approximately $18.68 a month. I have subscribed to the smart edition, the iPad and the weekend print edition.

A few months ago, I canceled my iPad subscription because I felt gouged. From my perspective there is very little printing or delivery cost involved with producing the digital version, so why the premium price?

It seems that the mandarins at Transcontinental must have felt the same way because they have cut the cost for a digital subscription by more than half!  It now costs $8.00 a month or $96.00 a year.  I think this is great value for money considering the access to unique premium content.

 Gerry Carew, Director Digital Products and Operations, TC Media NL replied to a blog post about pay walls informing me that:

 "We have recently changed the digital only subscription price to $8 per month. Our content is available on our Telegram App on the App store for Apple and ALL other devices through the Press Reader app." which is very different from our digital replica edition contains about 20% of our content and is our latest/breaking news delivery source. To find out more of the background about the breaking news stories the full Telegram offers that. In addition we are working very hard to offer a mutlimedia experience though videos and pictures on our website."

Print subscriptions include access to The Telegram full digital editions as part of the subscription. Weekend subscribers receive Friday and Saturday digital editions only - unless you have purchased the Print/Digital Combo subscription.

I wonder if  TC Media NL might consider some sort of combo package for all of the weekly papers as well!


Anonymous said...

Pete, the tely is a rag. A mainland attempt to rip us all off. The content is mostly wire stories. What unique point of view? What are you getting for your money? Dull, Dull, Dull.

The Montreal Gazette, The Toronto those are papers

Anonymous said...

I will continue to have my paper
delivered to my door daily for as long as The Telegram is printed.

Is there anything sweeter than rising early when the house is quiet, sipping and thumbing through the paper.

No radio, tv or kids! Not batteries, internet, crashes, restarts or viruses.

I love my paper paper!


Anonymous said...

It is the end of an era! Why pay for old news? All of the local provide news as soon as it is available. The traditional printed press is a relic of the past. Sure there are special sections but it can not compete with the variety of online content.

Wired says it best "It is so diverse as to be undefinable, a home to scientists, hackers, pet owners, quilters, swingers, teenagers, and homemakers. Online, there is the sense of perpetual conflict, discovery, sudden friendship, occasional hostility, great intensity, lots of business being transacted, the feeling of clacking through your own world while whole unseen galaxies rush above and below you. You log on never quite knowing what discussion or argument you'll be drawn into, which new people you'll meet, or who from your past will mystically appear. The experience bears no relationship to reading a newspaper. In fact, one of the major selling points of a paper is its organizational and informational predictability. The weather, sports, and TV listings are always in the same place, or ought to be. "