Thursday, May 31, 2012


The macabre events of the past few days is enough to make one think that the process of opening the seven seals has begun leading the way to the Apocalypse predicted in The Book of Revelations.

No horsemen, or trumpets, but lots bizarre imagery and struggles between good and evil.

Those mortified by the government massacre of women and young children in Syria earlier in the week learned of three more bizarre acts of unexplainable evil.

The Canadian one is unfolding. It began when a package containing a human foot arrived at the Conservative Party Headquarters in Ottawa with a note attached indicating that more body parts were en-route. It turns out the Liberals were send a hand!

Police say the body parts belonged to a Montreal man whose torso was located. The alleged mastermind of the gore is a very disturbed and calculated attention seeking bi-sexual, gore artist and gay porn star who once dated monster Karla Homolka.

Luka Rocco Magnotta is the focus of a national manhunt. Police fear he may have fled the country over the weekend.

Than there is the zombie like attack by a naked man in Miami who chewed another naked man’s face off and whose only response when confronted by police was to growl and keep attacking - even after being shot. Rudy Eugene, 31 was shot dead when he refused to stop his rabid attack.  He had already devoured the victim’s eyes, nose and ears!  Eugene is reported to have been high on “bath salts” — “a drug with amphetamine-like chemicals, nicknamed after the product it resembles.”

Just to round off the day spasm of deadly gun violence resulted in the death of six people in Seattle. A gunman killed five people - four at a cafe and another in a carjacking — before he  shot himself!

Lots of fodder for the 2012 apocalypse crowd!  What is next another a global economic crisis,  nuclear war, a terrorist attack, a pandemic, an earthquake, hurricane, volcano or a tsunami? No wonder there is so much fear, paranoia anxiety in the world.

 I must make sure to order my end of the world survival kit from Costco which includes  enough food for two weeks, knives, a hatchet, duct tape, a tent and first-aid kit.

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