Tuesday, May 29, 2012



“I feel that because he was Inuit, it played a role in
 what happened, and because we are native, they
 figured, ‘Oh well, they won’t say anything. 
They’re too quiet,’ because Inuit people are quiet,” 

 Paulette Winters-Rice
Mother of Burton Winters
May 29, 2012


The mother of the 14 year old boy who perished on sea ice off Makkovik four months ago suspects that there was not more of an effort to find her son because of his ethnicity!

The charge comes in an interview she carried out with Jamie Lewis of the Telegram. Paulette Winters-Rice feels the government has not been truthful about what really happened.

The comments section on the Telegram's website make for an interesting read.

CBC Television's The Fifth Estate  documented the final days of Burton Winter, and the bungled search and rescue operation that became a recovery mission on Feb 2, 2012.

Neither the Federal, or Provincial Government, feel there is a need to call a judicial inquiry into the tragedy.

The incident has sparked needed changes to the protocol for future search and rescue missions in the province. Military officials will no longer wait for a call back from anyone needing assistance in a search.

 Defence Minister Peter MacKay has stressed  that ground search and rescue is a provincial responsibility. Premier Kathy Dunderdale has publicly criticized MacKay for the feds role in the response. She told CBC's The House over the weekend that the federal government "failed"  with part of the search. She also said tha it "has been a "frustrating" four months trying to get answers from MacKay and getting him to take responsibility for "poor judgment in decision-making and a timely response."

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