Wednesday, May 16, 2012


 Humans are "emptying the fridge, we're not really
 taking care of the lawn, we're not weeding the flower
 beds and we're certainly not taking out the garbage," 


The seasons are all screwed-up, Ocean water levels continue to rise, the ozone continues to deplete, the seasons are mixed up but the global warming deniers still refuse to believe. They are no longer just burying their collective heads in the sand, they are actively trying discredit science.

In this country, the pro-industry and  anti-science administration has used the fiscal imbalance as an opportunity to gut science. They have cut university grants, research jobs and funding for environmental watchdog organizations.

The Harper government are not just dismissive of global warming, they actively shutting down the science, in this country, that studies it. The propaganda generated has purposely created confusion and is part of a climate cover-up!

Now I know that the World Wildlife Fund is as popular in these parts as a seal skin coat at PETA event, but a study released by the organization points to a much dimmer environmental picture than previously envisaged .  According to the report we  are using up the Earth’s resources much faster than they can be renewed—it takes the Earth 1.5 years to make up for what we use in just one year.

The 2012 Living Planet Report re-confirms that we are becoming less and less biodeverse.  The number of plant and animal species and other organisms, has dropped 30% in the past four decades.

Since coming to power, The Conservatives  have moved climate change from the center stage to obscurity. They have reneged on treaties and discredited the country to the point where we are considered environmental pariahs.  They have no plan because they refuse to believe. 

Open your eyes, end the Climate Cover-up.

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