Friday, May 4, 2012


"But one day we were all called in for a news conference at the Confederation Building. He was  going to announce that Ottawa had a new insurance scheme for Lobster pots. The fishermen would pay 10 cents a pot and get $8 or $10 if it was wrecked.

After the thing was finished and the cameras and tape recorders turned off, one of the reporters said to Smallwood, off the record, "Whats the big deal about this scheme? There is not that many pots wrecked in Newfoundland each year, is there?"

Ah, hah," says Smallwood, "If I know our Newfoundland fishermen, they'll find ways to make the most of it. Who can prove what goes on on all those back beaches?"

It went through me like a shot. There was I so wet behind the ears I could hardly believe what I heard with them. The premier of Newfoundland fully expecting the fishermen to cheat on this little insurance scheme and getting a big chuckle out of it."

January 22, 1972
Ray Guy
The Evening Telegram


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