Tuesday, May 29, 2012


 Providing accessible and responsive health care
 services in our province is a top priority for our
government. We will continue to make sound
investments to improve the health of our people,
our communities and our province.

Health Minister
Susan Sullivan 


The first of the province's healthcare board's will unveil it's cost savings strategy today. Eastern Health is poised to eliminate nearly 500 positions.

Word from sources at Eastern is that most of the cuts will be in the form of not filling vacated positions and retirements. Still the number is ominous when you consider that the Western, Central and Labrador-Grenfell Health authorities are yet to come!

I was digging  through some budget documents and reports on the Department of Health website for data on the number of employees working in the health sector when Ed Hollett over at the Bond Papers posted some enlightening numbers on the spectacular growth of employment in the public health care sector.

Nearly $3 Billion, or 37.4% of the provincial budget was allocated to the provision of health services in the 2012 budget.

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Wm. Murphy said...

Hats off to CEO Kaminski for taking the bull by the horns. I actually believe they could find more efficiencies and savings in the system...but this is a great start. Well done!