Sunday, May 20, 2012


Stephen Harper is terraforming the nation in his Conservative image!

The Canada that a majority of Canadians want is being turned in-side out. What was up is down, what was down is up!

Open line hosts in this province have been asking callers the same question, what can we do about it?

 I say it is time to show the man who the boss really is, you know ,that person in your mirror.

 It is time we voted with out feet.

We stopped taking it like there is nothing we can do

. Let's take to the streets, to the federal government buildings and let this government know that we love this country as it was.

We reject the neo-Conservative re-model job the PM is embarking on.

Why are we as a people rolling over and playing dead while a government that earned less than 40% of the 60% of the public that bothered to vote, destroys our democratic institutions, our international reputation, our social values and our Canadian Identity.

I am not married to any ideology, but I am scared of the Conservative Party. I have paid a price for being vocal, for speaking out. I know what a bunch of fascists this crowd are. As more and more Canadians realize that our nation is in the midst of a democratic coup, they should feel empowered not useless.

If we start marching in the streets, the government will take a second look, it will cower, retool and rethink. 

If we just continue to take it by rolling over they will continue to think that Canadians have no bottom line and remodel until the Canada we love is no more.

We the people are the masters.

It is time to stand-up for our democratic process, for our institutions and our country.

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