Wednesday, May 2, 2012


Newfoundland lobster fishers are not the only lobster catchers that are locked in a dispute with buyers this season.

Lobster fishers in Nova Scotia are divided over the prices they are receiving for their lobster this spring. Much of the fleet is tied up in protest.

Fishers in in zones 33 and 34 — wants fishermen to stay in port until they're guaranteed a price of $5.50. It hopes to reduce the supply of lobster and drive up the price.

Fishermen and seafood processors can't  agree on the price of lobster in this province. he association says its buyers can’t afford the price of lobster, which is tied to the market with a minimum of $3.25 per pound. That is $2.25 less than the price fisherman in Nova Scotia are looking for.

Is there any wonder that the FFAW  is proceeding with its plans to set up its own co-operative to buy lobsters from its members,

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