Tuesday, May 22, 2012


For all of you parents who grumble about how much time your kids spend glued to the T.V. playing video games, the Boy Scouts may have found an incentive to get them off the couch and into a jamboree.

The Boy Scouts of America will  launch a game design merit badge at the 2013 Jamboree this July.

A scouting blog states that the new merit badge will be awarded for creating and testing a playable game. The games can be board, card, electronic, tabletop or athletic/sports.

The Cubs recognized the most popular modern  pastime of children  two years ago with the creation of a "Video Games" belt loop and pin. The pin covers things like:  why it is important to have a rating system for video games;. Checking  video games to be sure they are right for your age; With an adult, create a schedule for you to do things that includes your chores, homework, and video gaming; Do your best to follow this schedule; and learn to play a new video game that is approved by your parent, guardian, or teacher.

I always thought Scouting was a group game with a purpose, with playing and learning happening all the time.

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