Wednesday, May 16, 2012


As a teenager growing-up in St. Bernard's, I looked forward to a Friday or Saturday dance at our school, at the Lion's Club in Bay L'Argent or at the Community Center in Little Bay East.

Most of the teens from Fortune Bay East would attend. Sometimes there would be a scuffle, normally between the boys from St. Bernard's & Bay L'Argent. We might have a drink, if we could collect enough money for a box of beer Drugs were pretty much unheard of. None of my peers smoked.

When the dances took place in St. Bernard's, the teachers and parents would chaperone. The school was part of the Roman Catholic school system but we never had priests tapping us on the shoulder during a slow dance requesting we separate a little or take our hand off someone's bum.

The  chaperones did patrol the area behind the portables to ensure our teen hormones were not taking charge.

Fortunately we never had the like of the pair of moms chaperoning a high school prom in Colorado who sprayed down the teenagers with Lysol because they were "dirty dancing". Jennifer Farmer and Hannah Rockey were so disgusted by the dancing that they sprayed them down and called the girls "sluts" and "whores'!

Eight of the teens had to leave the Prom because the Lysol entered their eyes and mouth .

The pair of morality cops were cited for harassment and obscene language by local police. They could face fines up to $750 and six months in jail if charged and convicted

Twillingate's Febreze school scandal seems so mild in comparison.

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