Friday, May 11, 2012



 "While everybody sits and points the finger at me, 
they’re not heading in the right direction ..pointing
 a finger at me is the furthest f—ing place they’re
 going to find anything, so like that’s what 
I call wasting time.”

April 11 at the Waterloo, Ont., police station.
 Tara McDonald.

Frankly, when I look at the expense of due process for a child murderer, I cringe. A summary execution would suit me just fine. So, imagine how I feel about the reports on the trial of  Michael Rafferty for the kidnapping, sexual assault and murder of eight-year-old Victoria (Tori) Stafford.

To add fuel to the flames, we learn that Rafferty's laptop was full of digital clues regarding his sick fetish for young girls and child pornography. he even had a video on it that told the story of a young blonde girl that was kidnapped and assaulted. This and a lot of other evidence was thrown out because the judge ruled the search of the laptop violated his charter rights.

The rub is that the defense has made quite a show of trying to convince the jury that Rafferty is not the type of guy who would have sex with a child, let a lone murder one. The jury, unlike us, has not been told about the Google searches, his fetish for chocking little girls or his love of child pornography. They were not given the full picture, thus they do not have all the tools.

For more on this perversion of justice check out Christie Blatchford's column in the National Post.

If all that was not bad enough, the Globe & Mail is running a story that details the police's original assumption that her mother was involved. Victoria's mom is a prescription drug addict. On the day of her child's disappearance she was stoned and did not file a missing persons report for three hours after the little girl failed to return home. 

The mother became a suspect. Police even conducted  two undercover operations  in which female police officers became friends with her to see if she would confide in them. During the trial, Mr. Rafferty’s lawyer tried to insinuate Tori was taken due to an unpaid drug debt.

I have covered some pretty nasty murder trials in my days as a journalist, but I would not want to be a family member watching the defense use the letter of the law to defeat the spirit of the law  in an effort to make a monster look like Mr.Rogers. 

Thee nine-woman, three-man jury began deliberating today. Their verdict must be unanimous.

Too bad they can not hang the bastard!

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