Tuesday, May 22, 2012


We have a couple of iPads and one iPhone in our home. The kids put more hours on all three than Kris and I.

I  have blogged about the educational benefits of these fantastic units on a number of occasion. The potential  for educating our children in, and out, of the class room is limitless.

The Wall Street Journal has a curious, if not thought-provoking, article on the use of iPads by toddlers. It appears that the jury is out on the traditional view of game devices and TV's when it comes to the device.

A well-designed iPad app is engaging and educational. Toddlers using iPads are experiencing much higher vocabularies and math skills.

The Virginia Park School Council approved funding so that each of our teachers has one for their classroom. The teachers have been bringing their own in because the students react so well to them.

It is amazing how intuitive children are today. I remember dreaming about owning a pad (Personal Access Display Device)  like those used by Geordie  Laforge on Star Trek-The Next Generation. Of course, there is an app for that!

That was in the 90's. Now my kids utilize one for e-mail, learning, games and Google Earth. It is like a digital Swiss Army Knife!

Today science fiction- tomorrow's reality!


Did Steve Jobs get his inspiration from Commander Picard's slim PADD?

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